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Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Posted by Kaitlin

Ok blogger world, we haven't been able to update in a while things have been crazy lately but, here it goes. We have recently gotten into Costco's throughout the U.S. while we aren't a permanent fixture in any of them we are the for 1 to 2 weeks at a time. We do roadshows, meaning we get to bring in all of our awesome London Hill Original Sterling Silver Jewelery and Custom Photo Frames.

We are also doing boutiques, we have tow coming up soon the first one is in Lehi at 1133 W 3200 N Lehi, it starts Thursday and goes through Saturday it opens at 8 and goes to 7 pm. Next week we have the Holy Cow Boutique which is in Pleasant Grove at the old PG Rec. Center.
Our website is now up, we have just launched it and we are adding new things every day so you will want to keep checking back! Our web address is And don't forget, if you have a facebook page, to add become a fan of London Hill Jewelry. If you become a fan there is a chance to win prizes and learn of special deals. The web address for the fan page is
I think that basically catches everyone up, thanks for reading!

Monday, June 15, 2009
Posted by Melissa Stewart

So Kaitlin and I are totally on the same wave lengths now...we both posted the same thing. I guess you can see if from both our perspectives! We are just really excited about the new you can see.

The office is finally pretty!

Posted by Melissa Stewart

We finally got the office back to where we wanted it after deciding to paint all the walls. We painted two walls this green color, and then we painted the other two walls a tan color. It looks great! It finally feels like a real office. Here are a few pics.

We are excited for Jenine and Melanie to come back and see it...hopefully they like it.

The office is finished!

Posted by Kaitlin

We finished painting the office Friday, thanks to the guys who came in almost all week to help us move things and paint, you guys are awesome! We really love the way the office looks now and we can't wait until everyone get's to see it in person. We feel like we have a great place to show everyone what we do :)

(The green isn't quite as bright as it looks in a couple of these picutres)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

New Office!

Posted by Kaitlin

So, since Friday afternoon we've been moving our office from one side of the building that we were originally in to the other side. It's great we now have so much more room! We're glad for all this extra space, in our last office we had two big desks and four bookcases with all of our supplies, now we have two offices to ourselves and a huge room that's starting to be called the jewelry room, we have all of our supplies in there and enough room to have a couple tables set up specifically for the soldering and also the "beading". We can't wait until we are all done painting and finally settled in with everything organized.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

London Hill

Posted by PME Blog

London Hill is the name of Melanie Ewing's only daughter. Life, being as hectic always, prompted Melanie to do something big and special in the name of her daughter. She met Jenine Abegg who created this beautiful line of jewelry with charms. Both being mothers, the two instantly hit it off and soon London Hill was formed. Jenine and Melanie wanted to bring something to the world of jewelry that did not just remind us of diamonds and glitter and all that is just pretty to look at. Instead, they brought family, memories and everything that was and is still special through customizable soldered charms. Today, not only are we able to accessorize stylishly with our jewelry pieces, but most importantly..."FAMILY" IS BACK IN STYLE with London Hill!


Posted by PME Blog

London Hill Jewelry is officially on Facebook! We want to keep our fans and clients updated on new happenings, promotions and product developments! Please join us on can search London Hill Jewelry and BE A FAN!!!